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The history of '10er Marie'

The history of '10er Marie'

280 years ago …

In 1740, when the Buschenschank (wine tavern) at 10, Alt-Ottakring, which back then was still in the suburbs, was owned by the Haimböck family, it already was a well-known venue where people liked to mingle. People did not only come for the excellent wines and cosy ambiance, but also for the extraordinarily pretty daughter of the family, whose name was Maria. And this is where the name of the Heurigen originated: "10er Marie".

Even once Maria had left Vienna and the Heurigen was run by her brother Joseph, her reputation continued to lure guests to '10er Marie'. Among them were many well-known personalities, such as crown prince Rudolf and his personal coachman Bratfisch, Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss Vater, the brothers Schrammel, Franz Lehar, Josef Weinheber, Emmerich Kálmán, Robert Stolz or the Viennese composer Karl Föderl.

... until today

The "10er Marie" has been owned by the Fuhrgassl-Huber family since 1993 - Gerti Huber, one of four daughters of Ernst und Gerti Huber sen. is in charge of the traditional Heurigen.

Today, the house, which falls under the protection of historical monuments, is a last remainder of the 'old village' in the middle of urban Ottakring. It is a quiet and peaceful oasis that offers relaxation and respite from everyday life. Prominent people and artists like to take time off here alongside tourists and guests looking for a typical Viennese Heurigen. 

As in old times, "10er Marie" welcomes musicians. Of the many great songs that have been written in honour of "10er Marie", “Alt-Ottakring“ by Richard Czapek is probably the most popular one.


"Pearl of the Wienerwald"

According to estimates, the area around Ottakring has first been inhabited in the 9th century and it was first mentioned in a document in the 12th century in connection with the presentation of a vineyard. A large part of the area back then was owned by the church. Even today, the names of many streets and alleys allude to the location of former vineyards. The best wine, for instance, was produced at "Roterdstraße", the very street where our Heuriger Sissi Huber is located.


The village at the fringes of the Wienerwald

Time and again, the village at the fringes of the Wienerwald has been battle-scarred and raddled; it has been spared neither by the plague nor by cholera. In the year of the plague, 1656, one fifth of the population died, while in 1679 and 1713 it was even a third of the population. In 1835, a fire destroyed 52 of the 82 houses in Ottakring. 

The Ottakring of today was founded in 1890/92 by incorporating Neulerchenfeld. In the west, it reaches far into Wienerwald hinein (Wilhelminenberg, Gallitzinberg, Liebhartstal). In the second half of the 19th century, Ottakring grew further and further west along Thaliastrasse – blue-collar neighbourhoods emerged and  many long-standing industrial and trade companies settled here.

Many old houses  fell victim to urbanisation, but as '10er Marie' falls under the protection of historical monuments, it is still standing and continues to welcome guests from all over.

Heuriger 10er Marie

Ottakringer Str. 222-224
1160 Wien



Montag - Samstag 15 - 23 Uhr
Sonntag Ruhetag